Do you design Office, Commercial and Industrial site plans?

CCA, LLC has been providing Civil Engineering and Surveying for project developers and commercial and industrial clients since 1977. In recent years we have added Landscape Architectural services. Additionally, CCA has been performing Phase I, Phase II and Phase III studies and plans for commercial and industrial sites.

The Civil Engineers at CCA have designed plans for retail developments ranging in size from 2,000 square feet to almost 300,000 square feet. CCA has also designed both small and very large industrial sites. CCA's Civil Engineers are familiar with the Zoning and Wetland Commission's requirements. They know and routinely meet with Town staff as needed. Our staff knows to keep our clients' identity confidential.

These projects generally start with a Feasibility Study to determine the suitability of the chosen site based on the client's needs. The Feasibility Study likely will include a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the site particularly if it has a history of being used in a commercial or industrial operation. Once the determination is made that the project can be designed on the property CCA's surveyors will perform the necessary boundary and topographic surveys. Included in our surveys is the location of any wetlands, soil tests, structures and other features, including the adjoining roads and other offsite features that might affect the project.

During the design phase the civil engineers will design the location of the buildings, parking, sanitary sewer, water supply, drainage and other features. As the project progresses our engineers meet with the client to be assured that we are designing to the client needs. Any impacts to adjoining roads are considered and also discussed with the client. CCA works with the Department of Transportation, the Office of State Traffic Administration (OSTA) and Town Engineers or Highway Superintendents. If required, we can engage the services of a traffic engineer. CCA will prepare the required applications to Town Zoning and Wetland Commissions as well as the Health Department or Sewer Commission (W.P.C.A.). We will represent the client and the project before the Zoning, Planning and Wetland Commissions on behalf of the client. CCA is proud of its extremely high rate of approvals from area Commissions.

CCA can provide the Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architectural and other services you will need to get your project approved.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at or 203-775-6207 and ask to speak with one of our Professional Engineers.