What is a Survey, Land Survey, A2 Survey, ALTA Survey, Topographic Survey, Zoning Location Survey or Property Survey?

Generally a survey, sometimes called a Property Survey, shows the property lines and any improvements within the property. It includes easements, encroachments, and any property markings that are found (iron pins, pipes, monuments). Sometimes, it may only indicate a portion of the site. An A2 survey indicates the accuracy of the survey and is the most common type of surveys property owners request or need. A Topographical Survey indicates the elevations of the property. Zoning Location and Property Surveys generally show the information indicated above for a survey. The Zoning Location Survey (Improvement Location Survey for commercial properties) can also show existing and or proposed improvements.  The Property Survey is the same as a Zoning Location Survey.

In order for a surveyor to create a survey they must first research your property deeds and maps as well as those of your neighbors. The surveyor will come to your property to locate any iron pins, pipes and monuments as well as any existing buildings, drives, sheds, any encroachments, etc. When the research and field data is collected the surveyor creates a preliminary plan showing what they have found. The surveyor then uses their experience and knowledge to create the final survey plat for the client. This plat, or map, is signed by the Registered Land Surveyor who attests to its accuracy and may be filed in the Land Records in the Town Clerk's Office in the town in which the property is located.

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